6 DIY Wooden Wheel Gift Ideas

6 DIY Wooden Wheel Gift Ideas

The summer holidays might have drawn to a close but Christmas is soon round the corner so what better way to celebrate than providing you with some gift ideas for arts and crafts that you can make this year: starting with wooden wheels.

You may be struggling to think of some arts and crafts that you can do with a wooden wheel so we have listed below some creative ideas that we found on Pinterest to give you some inspiration: 

1. Wooden Truck - this is such a fab arts and crafts idea, especially if you know someone who loves trucks. 

2. Wooden Pull Along Dog - we love this idea! Using wooden wheels to make objects into toys is a fantastic way to encourage a young child to walk or to keep them entertained. 

3. Wooden Shopping Cart - great for perhaps a child who loves doing the weekly food shop or has a supermarket toy at home that they would like adding to.

4. Wooden Car - ideal for Formula 1 fanatics or anyone who loves cars. This would be a great ornament piece and could also be painted to their favourite colour.

5. Wooden Book Cart - any book lovers present? This idea is perfect if you are looking for somewhere creative to store your books as well as keep them mobile.

6. Wooden Pull Along Grasshopper - similar to the pull along dog, this idea is a little more advanced but would make for a wonderful, eco friendly gift.

We hope this blog post has helped get some creative juices flowing for DIY gift ideas this Christmas!

We have provided some links below regarding our Pinterest board as well as a link to our wooden wheels should you wish to get creative!

Pinterest - https://bit.ly/3gXZAsf

Wooden Wheels - https://bit.ly/3gXkWpD