Barrettine Wood Protection Products

Barrettine Wood Protection Products

Discover the Benefits of Barrettine Wood Protection Products at OakCrafts

When it comes to preserving and maintaining outdoor timber structures and furniture, choosing the right wood protection product is crucial. Barrettine Wood Protection offers a range of solutions tailored to safeguard your wood against the harsh elements of nature, ensuring longevity and beauty. In this post, we'll delve into some of the standout products from the Barrettine range available at OakCrafts, highlighting their features and benefits.

Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment

Barrettine’s Wood Protective Treatment is an exceptional wood sealer designed for both rough, sawn, and smooth timber. This product is enriched with water-repellent resins which significantly reduce wood decay, swelling, and warping. The pigments in the treatment offer superb UV fade resistance, crucial for maintaining the colour and integrity of the wood exposed to sunlight.

This treatment is particularly ideal for outdoor timber structures such as sheds, fences, trellises, pergolas, and timber gazebos. Its oil/spirit-based formula allows for deeper penetration, leaving a transparent to translucent colour effect that enhances the natural grain of the wood. For best results, it is advisable to apply it with a brush, roller, or a suitable sprayer under dry and calm weather conditions. Coverage is efficient at 180ml per square metre, and drying times are optimal at about 12 hours under normal conditions. Note, however, that it is not recommended for decking or garden furniture due to insufficient rub resistance.

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Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver

For those looking for top-tier, deep wood penetration, Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver stands out. This low-odour, oil-based solution is designed to protect wood from fungi that cause rot and discoloration, as well as from wood-boring insects. It’s a perfect choice for pressure-treated wood and untreated timber alike.

The Premier Wood Preserver does not require over-sealing, which simplifies the application process while ensuring durable protection. Its clear formula enhances the natural beauty of the wood, and it's also suitable for external doors, windows, frames, and structural timbers in unoccupied areas. With its semi-transparent matt/satin finish, it showcases the wood's texture beautifully.

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Barrettine Universal Preserver - 5 Litre - Clear

The Barrettine Universal Wood Preserver is an essential product for those who wish to protect and preserve their woodwork while maintaining its natural appearance. Acting as an effective primer, this colourless preserver is perfect for preparing wood for overcoating with paint or varnish. It's particularly suited for external timber such as windows, doors, and structural timbers in unoccupied areas.

With excellent penetration and vapour permeability, the Universal Preserver guards against wood-destroying and discolouring fungi and insects. Available in both clear and coloured versions with UV fade-resistant pigments, it offers flexibility depending on your aesthetic needs.

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Barrettine Garden Furniture Oil - 1 Litre

To specifically treat and protect garden furniture, Barrettine Garden Furniture Oil is an excellent choice. This carefully crafted mixture of clear oils and resins is designed to penetrate unsealed wood, offering a natural, water-resistant finish that is ideal for outdoor settings. Regular application of this oil not only nourishes the wood but also helps reduce the greying appearance caused by weathering.

The product dries within 48 hours and covers up to 10 square metres per litre, making it a practical and efficient solution for preserving the beauty and longevity of your garden furniture. It’s especially suitable for oak and other hardwood furniture.

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Barrettine offers a comprehensive range of wood protection products that cater to various needs, from basic preservation to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the wood. At OakCrafts, we provide these high-quality Barrettine products to help you keep your wood structures and furniture in pristine condition. Protecting your wood with Barrettine means ensuring it remains durable and beautiful for years to come.

Explore our full range of Barrettine products and find the right solution for your wood protection needs at OakCrafts.