Preparing Your Garden Wood for Summer

Preparing Your Garden Wood for Summer

Preparing Your Garden Wood for Summer: Protecting Fences, Doors, Decking, and Furniture with Barrettine & Osmo Products at OakCrafts

As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, our thoughts turn to the great outdoors and the pleasure of spending time in our gardens. Whether you’re planning al fresco dinners, quiet afternoons in a sun-dappled corner, or lively family gatherings, it’s essential to ensure that your garden woodwork – be it fences, doors, decking, or furniture – is in tip-top condition. With Barrettine and Osmo products, available at OakCrafts, you can provide your wood with the best protection from the elements, keeping it looking good and lasting longer through the summer and beyond.

Why Protect Your Garden Wood?

Wooden garden features are constantly exposed to the elements. Sun, rain, wind, and fluctuations in temperature can all take their toll, leading to wear and tear such as fading, warping, and rotting. Properly protecting your wood can prevent these issues, extend its life, and reduce the need for repairs or replacements.

Barrettine Products: Robust Protection for Outdoor Wood

Barrettine’s range of wood preservatives is perfect for those looking to safeguard their garden structures against weather and decay. Their Wood Protective Treatment is an ideal choice for rough, sawn, or smooth timber, providing deep penetration to protect against water, UV damage, and biological threats like mould and algae. This product is especially effective for large areas such as fences and pergolas.

For garden furniture and decking, consider using Barrettine’s Decking Oils, which are designed to penetrate deeply, nourishing the wood while forming a durable, water-resistant layer that also enhances the wood's natural grain. These oils come in various natural tones, allowing you to refresh or change the colour of your decking and furniture easily.

Barrettine Wood Preserver

Barrettine Wood Preserver, available at OakCrafts, is a high-quality solution for preserving all types of exterior wood.

This low-odour, deep-penetrating preserver is designed to protect against wood-destroying fungi, wood-discolouring fungi, and wood-boring insects, ensuring your wood remains healthy and strong. Its clear formulation enhances the natural beauty of the wood while providing long-lasting protection, making it ideal for use on fences, sheds, and other outdoor structures.

Barrettine Wood Preserver ensures your wood investments are durable and maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.

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Osmo Products: Natural and Aesthetic Wood Care

Osmo offers a range of products that combine protection with enhancement, making them ideal for garden doors, windows, and furniture. Osmo’s Natural Oil Woodstain is particularly suited for doors and window frames, offering a microporous, breathable finish that does not crack, peel or flake. Available in a variety of shades, it enhances the wood's natural character while protecting it from the elements.

For decking, Osmo’s Decking-Oil range fortifies and regenerates your decking boards, protecting them from the ravages of the sun and moisture. Its unique formula penetrates deeply, providing a smooth, anti-slip surface that’s resistant to dirt and the growth of mould.

Application Tips

  1. Cleaning: Before applying any product, ensure that the wood is clean, dry, and free of old finishes, dirt, and grease. A thorough cleaning will enable the protective product to penetrate properly and adhere to the wood.

  2. Choosing the Right Day: For best results, apply products on a clear, dry day. Most wood treatments require 12-24 hours dry time without exposure to moisture.

  3. Applying the Product: Use a brush, roller, or sprayer to apply the product evenly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pay special attention to end grains and joints, where wood is most vulnerable to moisture.

  4. Maintenance: Regular maintenance can drastically extend the life of your wood. Inspect treated areas annually and reapply protective treatments as needed to maintain optimal protection.

Osmo Wood Protector

For preparing your garden wood for summer, Osmo Wood Protector is an excellent choice.

This versatile, non-biocidal product is perfect for protecting decking, fences, and garden furniture against moisture and pests, while allowing the wood to breathe and preventing warping. Suitable as a standalone treatment or as a base for other finishes, Osmo Wood Protector ensures your garden wood remains durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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Osmo Garden Furniture Oil

Osmo Garden Furniture Oil Clear Satin 028, available at OakCrafts, comes with a free Harris application brush, making it ideal for enhancing and protecting your garden furniture. This clear satin finish oil is designed to penetrate deeply, providing a durable and water-resistant surface that emphasizes the natural grain of the wood.

Perfect for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your outdoor furniture, this product ensures your garden pieces withstand the elements while looking their best.

Osmo Decking Oil

Osmo Decking Oil, available from OakCrafts, is an excellent choice for preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and durability of your decking. This oil is formulated to penetrate deep into the wood, providing a robust protective layer that resists water and wear, while emphasising the wood's natural color and grain. Ideal for various decking types,

Osmo Decking Oil ensures your outdoor spaces remain attractive and well-protected against the elements, making it a smart investment for maintaining your decking’s appearance and longevity.

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With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to treat and protect your garden wood. Using Barrettine and Osmo products from OakCrafts, you can ensure your garden wood remains healthy and beautiful, enhancing your outdoor living space and increasing the longevity of your investment. Both functional and aesthetic, these treatments provide the best care for your wood, ensuring that your garden remains a welcoming retreat throughout the summer and for many seasons to come.

Discover the full range of Barrettine and Osmo products at OakCrafts and start protecting your garden wood today. Your future self, and your garden, will thank you.