How To Create Your Own Coffee Bar At Home

How To Create Your Own Coffee Bar At Home

Since the lifting of lockdown, coffee lovers have been loving the idea of having their own area in their home where they can make their morning coffee rather than heading out to the coffee shop.

One, because it saves money and two, because it looks aesthetically pleasing

Therefore, we thought we would share with you some products to help you create your very own coffee bar at home.

Product 1 - Scaffold Board Shelves - ideal to hold any decorative items such as a house plant, picture frames or clock. Our scaffold board shelves give a real farmhouse look to your interiors and are super handy for extra pieces of storage. Shop scaffold board shelves here

Product 2 - Hooks - perfect for hanging and displaying your favourite mugs from. We love the way mugs look when hung from a shelf. It makes them easily accessible and adds some character to your home too. Shop our range of hooks here

Product 3 - Drawer Pulls - super handy for when you are choosing which coffee pod to go for or which syrup to add to your morning coffee. Add a classic drawer pull for a slick look or install an embossed drawer pull such as 'London Underground' or 'GNER' to give some character. Shop our range of drawer pulls here

So that's how you can easily install a coffee bar in your home with 3 products.

Browse our range of products to help spark your coffee bar project by clicking here