Mushroom Plugs vs End/Cross Grain Plugs

Mushroom Plugs vs End/Cross Grain Plugs

There are so many different plugs on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is best to complete your woodworking project; either the mushroom plug or the end/cross grain plug.  

Well in today's blog post we wanted to share with you what each plug is good for so you can choose the right one. 

Mushroom plugs are fantastic if you are looking to create a feature out of your woodworking project and are wanting to make covering up the screws more decorative. 

Whereas end/cross grain plugs are great if you are looking to cover up the screw holes without the knowledge that a screw was ever there. A top tip from us would be to place the plug in the screw hole, apply a tiny amount of wood glue and then lightly tap the plug with a hammer to cover the screw. Then we would recommend sanding the area so that the plug matches in with the wood. A further top tip to make sure the plug and wood blend is to match the grains together for a more flushed look. 

All of our woodworking plugs are either pine or oak and come in various different sizes so that you can find the perfect plug to match your woodworking project.

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