Top 2 Woodworking Tools You Need

Top 2 Woodworking Tools You Need

Are you considering updating your woodworking tools but unsure what the latest 'must-haves' are?

Working on joinery and woodworking projects day in, day out can mean that the latest tools and products can often be missed and it can be difficult to keep up! 

Well that's where we can help! We have provided below a short summary of the top 2 woodworking tools we feel you need in your kit, starting off with Osmo...

Osmo Polyx-Original

Loved by joiners and DIYer's alike, Osmo Polyx - Original is an essential you need to add to your kit! Osmo provides a fresh, clean and refreshed look to wooden surfaces whilst also offering a protective layer which safeguards against common spills as well as preventing cracking, peeling or flaking

Find out more about Osmo here

Wooden Plugs

When working on multiple woodworking projects you are bound to be working with screws to help hold your masterpieces together but often the client is unlikely to want the screws showing on their new side table.

That's where our wooden plugs can come in handy! They not only cover up the heads of the screws but they also blend into the wood making the cover up look invisible!

These are a must for adding to your tool kit! Shop wooden plugs here

Other woodworking products you might consider adding to your kit are shaker pegs and wooden dowels. Although they might not be used as often as the top two, they are certainly handy to have for any woodworking jobs that might require them.

Shop shaker pegs here and wooden dowels here

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