Step by Step Guide: How to Revive Your Garden Furniture

Step by Step Guide: How to Revive Your Garden Furniture

It's getting to that time of year again where you'll want to be sitting out with friends and family to enjoy the warmer weather but is your garden furniture ready for the more regular use?

We can all agree that cleaning and maintaining your garden furniture is often quite a chore but it doesn't have to be, not with Osmo UV Protection Exterior 420 anyway!

If you are seeking similar results to the bench shown then we have provided a step by step guide for you below:

Step 1: it's all in the preparation! The bench was cleaned to remove algae and dirt which resulted in the first picture

Step 2: now it's time for the transformation! 2 coats of the Osmo UV Protection Exterior 420 was applied which left the bench looking brand new!

Why was Osmo UV Protection Exterior 420 used? Well, as you can see from the finished result, the oil left a brand new coating on the bench which not only enhanced it's colour but also ensured the wood is protected from UV rays, algae, fungal and mould attack meaning we won't hopefully see the bench like photo 1 again!

Osmo UV Protection Exterior 420 is also microporous which means it won't crack, flake or peel and is highly water and dirt resistant. Osmo UV Protection Exterior 420 also has the ability of delaying natural greying 12 x better than bare wood

So there you have it! If you are seeking an exterior wood oil which will look after and maintain your wooden furniture overtime then we would highly recommend Osmo UV Protection Exterior 420

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