Low Maintenance Decking Oil

Low Maintenance Decking Oil

We get it, once you've enhanced the appearance of your decking and given it a layer of protection ahead of the warmer months, you don't want to be doing it over and over again. 

With Osmo Decking Oil, it only needs the occasional maintenance, if required, which would involve intensive cleaning and refreshing using Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel or Osmo Gard Clean (for green growth). 

If you would like to re-coat your decking then simply re-apply one coat onto the clean and dry surface when signs of wear become visible. To help the decking look clean, used diluted Osmo Decking Cleaner using the Osmo Decking Cleaning Brush.

As you can see, little to no maintenance is needed to keep Osmo looking it's best on your outdoor decking. Once Osmo is applied to your decking, you can benefit from the following: animal and plant safe once dry, water and dirt resistant, breathable finish which reduces swelling and shrinkage, doesn't crack, peel or flake and is easy to maintain with the occasional spot repairs. 

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