Does Wood Oil Change the Appearance of Wood?

Does Wood Oil Change the Appearance of Wood?

If you have clicked onto this blog post, we presume you have been thinking about purchasing wood oil to enhance your wooden surfaces, whether it be wooden furniture, worktop or decking, but are unsure whether it will affect the original colour of your surface.

Well, hopefully this blog post will help answer that question for you and point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right woodworking oil for you.

Have a look at our guide below...

Osmo Top Oil

3028 & 3058 Clear - enhances the tone of the wood. 

3068 Natural, 3037 White, Satin - has a slight white tint but if applied correctly, it is nearly invisible. 

3061 Transparent - is slightly pigmented. 

3038 Terra, Satin - lightly tints your wood with a slight pigmented like a dark, oak effect. 

3039 Graphite, Satin - lightly tints your wood with a slight pigmented like a dark, grey effect. 

Osmo Door Oil

3060 Clear, Satin - enhances natural character of wood which results in a warm and rich colour. 

3033, Raw, Matt - if applied to light coloured wood, it will be the same without the permanent wet effect. 

Osmo Polyx-Oil 

All oils in this collection improve the woods natural tone by giving a permanent, wet effect.

Osmo Polyx-Oil Rapid

3232 Clear, Satin - helps to emphasis wood grain modestly. 

3262 Clear, Matt - gives an almost completely natural look. 

3240 Rapid White - apply two coat for a stand-alone finish. 

Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints 

As the name suggests, all the colours in this range do tint the natural colour of your wood. 

Osmo Garden Furniture Oil

This is a clear oil.

Osmo UV Protection Oil

410 and 420 Clear - enhances the natural character of your wood

Osmo Decking Oil

007 Teak Oil - is a clear decking oil finish.

All other colours do colour the natural shade of your wooden surface.

Osmo Country Colour

All colours will change the colour of your wooden surface. 

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain

701 Clear, Matt - will provide a transparent layer on your woods natural surface.

All other colours will change the appearance of your wood depending on the colour you choose.

We hope you have found this post helpful. For more information on any of the Osmo products, please head over to our website -