How to Style Your Shaker Pegs

How to Style Your Shaker Pegs

 We love how one of our customers has used our shaker pegs to create both a practical and well designed shaker peg rail in their utility room.

As you can see, the shaker pegs have been transformed from their wooden appearance to an olive green to match with the customers chosen decor and colour theme.

Not only do we love how they have decorated the shaker pegs, but we also love how they are using them to create both a practical storage solution whilst tying into the beautiful county home decor that the customer has created.

Did you know we are one of the shaker pegs uk suppliers selling both oak pegs as well as birch shaker pegs for any interior or craft project. From Oak Shaker Peg - Screw in Version 3.5" / 90mm to 2.5" Birch Utility Peg with Tenon plus so much more, you will be sure to find the shaker peg for you and your project.

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Photo - @myoldpub on Instagram