Benefits of Renaissance Micro Crystalline Wax

Benefits of Renaissance Micro Crystalline Wax

Renaissance Micro Crystalline Wax is a fantastic, multi-use product which can be used on a variety of materials and is loved by many!

For those who are unfamiliar with the product, Renaissance Wax protects products from humidity, dust, ageing and general wear and tear. It also helps polish products to a high level of shine so your precious pieces look brand new again!

Additionally, the wax helps restores and enhance products as well leaving some products free from fading colours, refines fine detailing and removes previous wax build up.

Materials that it can be used on are: woods, ceramics, pottery, cutlery, hardware, paintings, acrylics, metals, kitchen cabinets, jewellery and much more!

On our website we sell either 65ml or 200ml tins of the Renaissance Micro Crystalline Wax which is available to purchase here

Why not pair this multi-use wax with the Pre-Lim? They work perfectly together and make the ideal duo!