2 Products that Will Protect Your Bathroom Hardware from Mould

2 Products that Will Protect Your Bathroom Hardware from Mould

Have you been nervous to feature wooden hardware in your bathroom in the fear that it may develop mould, algae or fungi? We can understand why you would be nervous however don't let this stop you from creating your dream bathroom. You would think that wood in your bathroom would be a no go but with the right protection, you can enjoy a rustic bathroom without the worry of the wood developing diseases or being spoilt. All you need is these 2 marvellous products from Osmo!

Osmo Top Oil 3058 Clear Matt:

If you have wooden shelves in your bathroom then you need Osmo Top Oil for the ultimate protection! Below we have listed some of the qualities that Top Oil can bring to your wood:

  • Osmo Top Oil is made from natural plant oils which is designed to enhance the woods natural features and colour
  • Top Oil is also water repellent and has a resistant finish making it the perfect product for bathrooms where water damage and spills are inevitable
  • Additionally, Top Oil has a breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake so you are ensured that the look applied is the look that will remain

A recent Osmo customer used Osmo Top Oil in their bathroom and they said they "were so happy with the results in the bathroom" that they decided to use TopOil on their solid wood kitchen worktop

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Osmo Door Oil 3033 Raw:

To create a rustic bathroom, you may need to amend your interior doors to adapt to your new decor! However, we can appreciate you may have worry in this with the bathroom being one of the dampest rooms in your home. No need to worry though as Osmo Door Oil is here to help! Take a look below to see how it can protect your wooden doors:

  • Created with natural vegetable oils and plant waxes this ensures the treatment is quickly and deeply absorbed into the wood which enriches the wood's strength
  • Once applied, the wood becomes healthy and elastic which means the wood's fibres are prevented from becoming dry and brittle subsequently reducing shrinking and swelling

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We hope we have rested your mind by providing you with the knowledge of two amazing products to help reduce the impact your wooden hardware will absorb in your bathroom.

Please do share your before and afters with us in the comments - we would love to see how your bathroom has transformed!