Choose the Right Osmo Shade for Your Project

Choose the Right Osmo Shade for Your Project

Buying products over the internet can be tricky and there's no exception for Osmo. Knowing what colour, size and how it will look once applied can be difficult and often you're almost guaranteed to send the tin back in replacement for another shade in the hope that it's the right one!

So we thought, why not save you the hassle of sending items back to find the right shade when you can find the perfect shade in this blog post!

Below we have broken down the different intensities of shades so you can quickly and easily purchase the right one for your woodworking project.

  • Tints provides light pigmentation and is a beautiful and harmonious shade.
  • Transparent complements the wood’s natural character.
  • Intensive is bright and vivid colours which are suitable for children’s toys.

Furthermore, we have given you an outline below on how to apply these different intensities to help you achieve your desired look, check this out:

For tint products, we would recommend applying Polyx®-Oil Tints 3040 White as the first coat followed by a clear coat of Polyx®-Oil for a white-washed or liming effect.

When using transparent products, we would recommend applying Wood Wax Finish 3111 White as the first coat followed by a top coat of Polyx®-Oil Tints 3040 White for a transparent white look.

Finally, when using intensive colours, we suggest applying one coat for transparency (showing the wood’s character) or two coats for opacity (hiding the wood’s character).

We hope you now have everything you need to find the perfect shade for your woodworking project or renovation! Click the link here to shop Osmo on our website