5 Uses for Shaker Pegs in Your Home

5 Uses for Shaker Pegs in Your Home

Let us guess, you have clicked on this blog post for one of two reasons...you either have lots of clutter in your home and seeking to make your home look a little more organised or you are looking for cost effective ways to create decorative features within your home?

If you can relate to either of the above then you need shaker pegs in your life. Not only do they help bring organisation into your home, they can be stained, painted, varnished or waxed to suit your existing home decor.

Now you know what shaker pegs are and how they can help organise your home, we thought we would spark some ideas on how you can use them to get your creative juices flowing, see below...

Idea 1 - Coat Rack

One of perhaps the more obvious ways of using the shaker pegs is by creating your very own coat rack. A simple and decorative way of storing your coats, hats, walking sticks or scarves so they are accessible and off the floor or cluttering a cupboard

Idea 2 - Decor

Having a single shaker peg available to hang a picture from or a decorative "Home Sweet Home" heart adds to the character of your home and makes great decoration!

Idea 3 - Jewellery Tree

If you fancy getting creative, you could use shaker pegs to hang your necklaces from to prevent them from getting tangled and knotted. One way you could do this is by drilling some shaker pegs into a wooden dowel or perhaps creating a mini coat rack and hanging them from the wall

Idea 4 - Hanging Mugs

A lot of country homes have their favourite mugs hanging from a shaker peg to not only create an aesthetic look but also keep your mugs accessible for your morning coffee

Idea 5 - Utensils

Sticking with the kitchen theme, you could also use shaker pegs to hang your most used utensils from so you have them at arms reach - perfect for those who spend lots of time cooking

Now you have some ideas on how shaker pegs can benefit you and your home, all you need is some shaker pegs! Choose the right pegs for you by clicking here