Products to Help You Create a Farmhouse Interior

Products to Help You Create a Farmhouse Interior

Farmhouse interior seems to be the latest buzzword within the home interiors and design space but what actually is defined as farmhouse interior?

Farmhouse interior characteristics resemble a practical yet comfortable interior with wood elements, white tones and cast iron hardware being some of the key features to creating this desired look.

If you are looking to create this look within your own home then we have a number of products that can help you achieve this sought after look.

Osmo Polyx Hard Wax Oil Tints - White

Not only does this product provide the ultimate protection against common spillages as well as preventing your wooden surface from cracking, peeling or flaking with it's breathable finish. It also provides a white wash colour over the wood grain to create a coloured look. This product would be great to use on any wooden surface to create a white washed look.

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Shelf Brackets

One of the key features to creating a farmhouse interior is using cast iron hardware against wood. We in particular love the idea of cast iron shelf brackets against a scaffold board shelf. To create this look, we have a range of cast iron shelf brackets in various sizes and designs as well as scaffold boards to help you create this look too.

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Cast Iron Handles

Sticking with the cast iron theme, we also have a range of cast iron handles which look great fixed against your wooden drawers. Ranging from your traditional drawer pull to some more individual designs, we are sure to have a cast iron handle to suit your interiors.

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Oak Shaker Pegs

In a farmhouse interior setting, it is quite common to have a shaker peg coat rack as it is not only practical but it also matches with the wood characteristic. A shaker peg coat rack is easy to create and both the birch and oak shaker pegs can be stained, waxed or painted to match your desired look.

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Cast Iron Signs

Whether you like the aesthetic of a cast iron sign in your home or you like to be super organised, cast iron signs are another great way to add a farmhouse interior look into your home. Choose from multiple designs such as bathroom, pantry, bedroom and more!

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There are just some of the products you can use to create a farmhouse interior within your home. Leave a comment below suggesting what other products you would use to create this look.