DIY Workshop Storage Ideas

DIY Workshop Storage Ideas

Are you looking to maximise the amount of storage you have in your workshop?

Having a workshop at home is becoming more desirable with many workshops situated in garages or at the bottom of the garden. However, having a workshop in a small space can mean storage for all your tools can be limited.

That's where we can help! We have a range of products that can help you create more storage in your workshop meaning more room for your projects!

When it comes to storage, we would recommend having some items on the walls to create space to move around and prevent chest of drawers and workbenches taking up all the room. Some ways you can create storage on walls could be using:

  • Shaker Pegs - great for hanging lighter items. Shaker pegs are also customisable so they can be painted or varnished to match your aesthetics
  • Cast Iron Hooks - again, similar to the shaker pegs, having some cast iron hooks are great for hanging heavier items such as tools as they are more sturdy
  • Shelf Brackets - having some shelves up on your walls not only makes your space look clean and tidy, they are also a great way to hold heavier items or make your space look more decorative, especially scaffold board shelves

There are just some ways where you can create more storage for your workshop. 

If you don't happen to have any of the above products listed then click the links below to grab yours - 

Shaker Pegs

Cast Iron Hooks

Shelf Brackets

Scaffold Board Shelves