Maintain Your Outdoor, Wooden Furniture Using Osmo

Maintain Your Outdoor, Wooden Furniture Using Osmo

Now that the warmer weather and lighter evenings are fast approaching, we have the perfect product to help bring your outdoor, wooden furniture back to life once again ready for some much needed use!

Introducing Osmo Garden Furniture Oil in Clear Satin 028, an easy to use product that provides seamless application as well as a whole bunch of other benefits. Why not take a look below...

  • Perfect for Garden Furniture AND Decking
  • Improves and maintains the appearance of wood
  • Suitable for both hardwoods and softwoods
  • Exceptionally high coverage
  • Wood stain stays workable while coating
  • Safe for humans, animals and plants once dry (biocide free)
  • Highly water and dirt resistant
  • Microporous, penetrating finish which does not crack, peel or flake
  • No sanding necessary when topping up coating

As you can see, Osmo Garden Furniture Oil is perfect for not only looking after your outdoor wooden furniture but also your decking too! Why not click the link here to get your garden furniture in tip top condition before Spring approaches to you can maximise your use!