Interior Design Colour Guide

Interior Design Colour Guide

Whether you are moving into your first property, renovating or looking to change the interior design in your home, we have the perfect guide to help you coordinate the right colours together to create a gorgeous look in your home. 

Pink - pairs well with white and grey as well as different shades of pink for example, blush or hot pink. 

Blue - a darker shade of blue compliments teal, purple or green quite nicely or a lighter blue works well with dark greys. Gold accents always look nice paired with blue as well.

Yellow - is such a bright and happy colour so pairing yellow with light grey accents always looks nice.

Red - works well with browns for example wooden tables and furniture.

White - compliments any dominant colours in the room as it is subtle and gives a fresh look to your interior design.

We have a range of coloured tipped hooks available. So if you are looking to slowly introduce colour into your home, click the link here to browse -