Easy Weekend Project Idea for Property Owners

Easy Weekend Project Idea for Property Owners

Are you looking for an easy weekend project?

During the colder months, we are less lightly to work on making external improvements to our homes so we tend to look internally and see what we can improve ready for Spring and Summer get togethers.

Although, one thing you won't want your friends or family to see is peeling, worn and stained wooden worktops when they come over.

So we have a solution which is easy to use and transforms your wooden worktops into something you can be proud of!

Introducing Osmo Top Oil. Osmo is the world leading manufactures of wood protection products for both internal and external use. The products are typically used by professionals but also widely used in the DIY market.

Osmo Top Oil can help bring your wooden worktops back to life by providing:

  • Extreme water and chemical resistance
  • Durability as well as being hardwearing
  • Spillage resistance to the most common of spillages such as: water, juice, tea, cola and wine
  • Breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake 
  • Six different shades so Osmo can match and enhance your wooden surface

Sound good to you?

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