Osmo Top Oil 0.5 Litre Tin

Osmo Top Oil

Osmo top oil is the leading product to seal and waterproof kitchen worktops. It's a microporous natural hardwax oil which is incredibly tough and hardwearing. It's water repellent and dirt resistant and he finish is resistant against a variety of spillages including wine, beer, coffee, carbonated drinks, tea and water. These will simply wipe off without marking.

Application is simple using a cloth brush or roller with a thin coat wiping any excess off before drying, apply two coats and extra coats around any edges exposed to water. Spot repairs are easy, a gentle sanding and reapplication to the area and the repair will be invisible. 

TopOil 3028 and TopOil 3058 Clear enhances the tone of wood (permanent wet effect). TopOil 3068 Natural is slightly white tinted and counteracts exactly this effect. If applied correctly, 3068 Natural protects wood nearly invisibly and the natural colour tone of wood is preserved. TopOil 3068 Natural is visible as a slightly white chalky surface on dark/reddish wood species. Applying excess TopOil 3068 may lead to a white chalky surface. Remove visible white pigments before allowing the surface to dry.

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Osmo Top Oil 0.5 Litre

Osmo Top Oil 0.5 Litre

Osmo Top Oil is an advanced wood finish solution, designed to offer supreme protection and enhancement for wooden surfaces, particularly suited for hardwood floors, kitchen worktops, and furniture. With its...