Osmo Top Oil 0.5 Litre

Osmo Top Oil 0.5 Litre


Finish: Clear Matt - 3058

Clear Matt - 3058
Clear Satin - 3028
Acacia - 3061
Terra - 3038
White Satin - 3037
Natural - 3068
Graphite - 3039
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Coverage: 24m²/L with one coat


➔ Hardwearing and durable finish.

➔ Safe for use on children’s toys (EN 71.3)

➔ Extremely water repellent

➔ Highly resistant to liquid spillages

➔ Microporous, will not crack, peel or flake.

➔ Easy maintenance and spot repairs.

osmo oil, osmo decking oil, osmo polyx, osmo door oil

Product Information

osmo oil, osmo decking oil, osmo polyx, osmo door oil

Safety Data Sheet

Product Information

Osmo Top Oil is the UK's leading product to seal and waterproof kitchen worktops.

A natural hard wax oil which is tough and hard wearing the finish is resistant against wine, beer, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk and water. These types of liquid spillages will tightly bead on the surface without leaving any marks, simply clean by wiping with a cloth.

Osmo Top Oil is available in a choice of colours and finishes to suit your decor. It is simple to apply and maintain and can be spot repaired without leaving any sign of reapplication.

Osmo Top Oil 0.5 Litre Colours

osmo top oil colours

Osmo Top Oil 0.5 Litre Preparation

Clean, dry, and frost-free wood surfaces (maximum moisture content: 18%) are required.  Osmo Top Oil is ready for use. Never thin. Stir thoroughly before useRemoving all traces of old microporous stains. The entirety of any old paints and lacquers must be removed. Use a dust mask whenever you are sanding as a general rule.

Fill in any wood that has minor or bigger joints or holes (with Osmo Wood Filler). Sand the wood gently. Start with coarse sandpaper and work your way up to finer grades for the final sanding of furniture (P150-240) (depending on wood species ). Final sanding grade P120 is recommended for kitchen worktops made of absorbent hardwoods like Oak or Beech. Sand woods that are particularly absorbent, like pine, to a maximum of P150.


With an Osmo Microfibre Roller, Flat Brush, or Oil Finish Applicator Fleece, apply the first layer thinly in the direction of the wood grain.  Let to dry for around 8 to 10 hours. Keep a good flow of air during drying.

With an Osmo Oil Finish Applicator Fleece or a lint-free cloth, apply the second coat. When drying and curing, avoid covering. The surface is completely cured after two to three weeks.  For renovations, one coat applied with an Oil Finish Applicator Fleece or lint-free cloth to the dry, clean surface generally suffices.

We advise applying Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin for dark and extractive-rich woods (such as Iroko, Teak, Mahogany, Sapele, Wenge, Merbau, Jatoba, and so forth). Application testing is advised.

Sanding dust should be removed with a soft brush or hoover before oiling the surface. The state of the wood is one of several variables that affect the finished surface. A test application is therefore usually necessary, especially on uncharted surfaces.


Regular Cleaning: Dust mopping. Damp mopping using Osmo Spray-Cleaner.

Occasional Maintenance: Intensive cleaning and refreshing using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner or Osmo Maintenance Oil.

Recoating: Simply re-apply one coat of TopOil onto the clean and dry surface when signs of wear become visible.

Osmo Top Oil 0.5 Litre Additional Information

TopOil 3028 and TopOil 3058 Clear enhances the tone of wood (permanent wet effect). TopOil 3068 Natural is slightly white tinted and counteracts exactly this effect. If applied correctly, 3068 Natural protects wood nearly invisibly and the natural colour tone of wood is preserved.

TopOil 3068 Natural is visible as a slightly white chalky surface on dark/reddish wood species. Applying excess TopOil 3068 may lead to a white chalky surface. Remove visible white pigments before allowing the surface to dry.

Transparent TopOils (e.g. 3061 Acacia) are lightly pigmented, which give the wood an elegant look.
Applying the product too generously and insufficient ventilation lead to delays in drying time. For cabinet interiors and drawers, apply max. one coat thinly with a

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Christine Pattenden

Excellent service and quality goods

mrs Howard
great product

Rubbed down work top well and gave two coats of oil on a cloth. Used a little as spreads a long way. If put on too thick it goes white, but just wipe of excess before it dries. leaves a fantastic waterproof work surface. Will buy again.

Miss Moneypenny
Wonderful oil for your worktops - they deserve it!

After googling & reading reviews on the best worktop oil for our new oak kitchen worktops we opted for this and we are very pleased we did. It is easy to apply, soaks in nicely and buffs up to a lovely Matt sheen. It doesn’t smell too bad either. It’s exactly what we wanted for our oak worktops - a nice warm protected sheen without being a shiny varnish. As other reviews said, water sits on top of the wood in little beads rather than soaking in, so it’s great for kitchen worktops. Probably not the cheapest worktop oil but well worth the money. Will always keep this in stock to top up the coating on our worktops to keep them looking lovely. Wonderful stuff!

Eva R
Excellent water resistance and long lasting!

3rd purchase of this product. Used in kitchen on worktop, vanity in toilet and worktop in utility room. I cleaned and sanded the surfaces off and applied 2-4 thin coats (until wood no longer sucks it up). Work surface stays waterproof for months. I have just redone 1 coat on kitchen worktop to maintain it, the first treatment lasted approximately 8 months (in area of high use). The vanity in the toilet hasn't needed it yet though it was applied over a year ago.You have to throw the cloths that are used for application, and you need to ventilate while applying, but once dried it seems both odourless and pretty inert.

Dylan's Nana
Miracle stuff !

This was recommended to us to re seal our 10 year old wooden kitchen worktops. After sanding until v smooth with the finest sandpaper it was easy to coat with this liquid. I am blown away at the difference in finish. Liquid beads on the surface, nothing seems to stain it and it’s a pleasure to use the worktops now. I loathed them for many years but this finish has transformed them. Realise now they were never sanded down smoothly enough - but the matt finish this gives is superb