Wooden Dowels: Ideas for Use

Wooden Dowels: Ideas for Use

So you've heard of wooden dowels but you are unsure what they can be used for?

Wooden dowels can be used in multiple different ways, whether you are looking for a fun craft project with the children or fancy creating a DIY / hygge vibe in your home, wooden dowels can offer plenty of options!

What's better is that we sell premium, pre-sanded oak dowels in a variety of lengths, widths and quantities to not only ensure you have quality products at your fingertips but also help you find the perfect wooden dowel for your individual project.

Before getting into what wooden dowels can be used for, we thought we would share with you the wooden dowels we have so you have a helpful guide to apply when finding the right dowel for you.

 Width Length Quantity
12mm 100mm 20
16mm 100mm 12
9.5mm 500mm 5
12.7mm 500mm 5
15mm 500mm 5
18mm 500mm 5
19mm 500mm 5
22.2mm 500mm 5
25.4mm 500mm 5
9.5mm 1m 5
12.7mm 1m 5
15mm 1m 5
18mm 1m 5
19mm 1m 5
22.2mm 1m 5
25.4mm 1m 5


Now you have a little bit of information on the types of wooden dowels we sell, let's get into how you can use the wooden dowels to enhance or assist with your projects

  • A variety of craft projects
  • Use to organise your spices cupboard (as a barrier to stop them falling)
  • Use to hang things in your cupboards
  • Wall feature
  • Toy making
  • Furniture making
  • Drawer pulls
  • Plate stand/organiser
  • Jewellery organiser
  • Wooden rod decor around a vase

So there are just a few ways in which you can use wooden dowels in your home or craft projects

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