Which Osmo Product Should I Use for Wooden Floors?

Which Osmo Product Should I Use for Wooden Floors?

No doubt you have clicked on this blog post because you have a wooden floor in your home and you want to find the best product to help protect it, which is also easy to use and leaves a beautiful and smooth finish? That's obvious right, but what isn't obvious is which product is best to use!

Well good job you are in the right place as we are about to tell you that Osmo Polyx Oil is the best product to use for your wooden floors and here's why...

Compared Against Other Similar Products

Osmo themselves did an experiment and compared the Polyx Oil against a polyurethane based product and the results showed that Polyx-Oil left a flat, even surface and retained the 3D effect of the wood grain.

Natural Component

Did you know that Osmo Polyx Oil includes natural plant oils? This means that the plant oil penetrates into the wood which helps protect it from the inside while the hard-wax component remains on the surface. Due to it's natural component, it makes the oil, when applied, safe for plants, animals and humans.

Protection Against Moisture?

In short yes, Osmo Polyx Oil will protect your wooden floors in areas that are more porous such as kitchens and bathrooms but we would recommend that the floor is given an extra layer of defence before the Polyx Oil is applied and is then primed with Osmo Wood Protector.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Applying a little bit of Osmo Polyx Oil also provides water and dirt resistance meaning that once Polyx Oil is applied, it can even withstand acidic drink spillages however we would always recommend clearing spillages as quickly as possible for the best results. It is also long lasting and durable and doesn't crack, peel or flake!

Once you have used what you need to from the tin of Osmo Polyx Oil, you can save the rest for up to 5 years which is ideal if you need to do any touch ups!

Overall, Osmo Polyx Oil is the perfect product to help protect your wooden floors and provide the ultimate protection. Click the link here to grab yours today!