How to Use Basswood for Crafts

How to Use Basswood for Crafts

Basswood is a soft, fine and even textured material that is perfect for beginners, children and experts alike but what can it be used for?

We have many different lengths and widths of basswood available on our website but you might be perhaps struggling for ideas on how to use basswood.

Well, basswood is smooth enough to draw, paint or write on and is also great for carving, whittling and shaping.

So now you know it's texture and what it could be used for, we thought we would share some ideas on what you could use basswood for. See below...

  • DIY Bookmarks
  • Wooden Signs
  • Cake Toppers
  • Desk Organisation such as a pen pot
  • Puzzles
  • Craft models
  • Wooden toys

There are just some ideas that you can use basswood for. To shop our basswood collection, click the link here