Decoration Ideas for Peg Rails

Decoration Ideas for Peg Rails

Peg rails have increased in popularity over the past few years with more home owners going for the rustic look when it comes to decorating and adding organisation to their homes but what happens when it comes to Christmas?

You have your whole house decorated top to toe with decorations, tinsel and sparkle but your shaker peg rail is sticking out like a sore thumb as you struggle to think of ideas on how to decorate it.

Well, not to worry, as we have some festive decor ideas that we would love to share with you to help spark some inspiration and spread some Christmas cheer to your coat rack. Check out some of our ideas below...

  • If you're feeling brave, you could paint your shaker peg rail green or red or both and hang your stockings for the family from the pegs (although we would advise not to put anything heavy in them and perhaps only hang the fabric stocking itself as decoration). This idea would also work with a birch or oak peg rail if you'd rather keep the look how it is in your home currently.
  • Another idea could be hanging decorative pieces of decor such as baubles and stars from the pegs and then adding some fairy lights and a festive garland to the shelf to make it all bright and sparkly.
  • Other ideas for decorating your shaker peg rail festive is hanging a wreath from the pegs along with a festive sign to spread the festive cheer!
  • If you have children or you just like the countdown to Christmas, you could create your very own advent calendar using shaker pegs. Simply add 24 (or 25) pegs to your rack and hang your treat of choice from the pegs. Once each day passes, treat yourself to a little treat in the run up to Christmas.
  • Wanting to stick with the organisation vibes? Why not hang your winter coats from the pegs along with your hats and scarves so they're ready and waiting for your Boxing Day walk? Or you could hang your Christmas dressing gowns from the pegs so they're ready and waiting for your family on Christmas morning.
  • Last but not least, if you have a couple of mug pegs in your home, you could swap out the existing mugs that are displayed and hang your favourite festive mugs ready for hot chocolates and morning coffees over the festive period.

As you can see, there are lots of different ways in which you can decorate your shaker peg rail which require little to no effort. Don't have a shaker peg rail but would like to make one? Click the link here to shop our range of birch and oak shaker pegs.

Happy Decorating!