Garden Maintenance Products You Need This Spring and Summer

Garden Maintenance Products You Need This Spring and Summer

Now is the perfect time of year to start getting your garden up to scratch ready for those get togethers and the nicer weather but with so many different products on the market promising lots of different things, it can be difficult to know which product you need to achieve your desired outcome. That's where this blog post comes in handy!

We have shared with you all the exterior Osmo products we stock so you can make an informed decision on which product(s) you need to ensure you get the results you want. So let's get into it...

Osmo UV Protection Oil

All exterior woods eventually turn a patina colour, however UV-Protection Oil has been created to significantly decrease the greying process compared to untreated wood by (UV factor) 12 times. 

Uses: Osmo UV Protection Oil is ideal for vertically structured joinery such as windows, doors, panelling, fencing and much more.

Key Features: water and dirt resistant, 420 has active ingredients to protect against mould, algae and fungal attack, no sanding needed when topping up coating and it is microporous so it will not crack, peel or flake.

Colours Available: 410 Clear and 420 Clear

To find out more about preparing your surface to apply Osmo UV Protection plus much more, click the link here

Osmo Decking Oil

Osmo Decking Oil is a premium decking oil giving outstanding results and designed to provide long-lasting protection for all types of wood, including hardwood and softwood decking.

Uses: outdoor decking

Key Features: the original wood grain and character is still visible, once dry it is animal and plant safe, water and dirt resistant, has a breathable finish which helps to reduce swelling and shrinkage, won't crack, peel or flake your wood and is easy to maintain.

Colours Available: Clear Teak 007 | Bangkirai 006 | Garapa 013 | Grey 019 | Anti-Slip 430 | Douglas Fir 004 | Massaranduba 014 | Larch 009 | Bangkirai Dark 016 | Thermowood 010 | Bog Oak 021 | Black 020

Discover more about Osmo Decking Oil via the link here

Osmo Country Colour

Osmo Country Colour is best suited for all wood in outdoor areas where an especially durable coating is required.

Uses: timber cladding, balconies, windows and window shutters, fences, pergolas, wooden shingles, garden furniture, summer houses and carports. 

Key Features: extremely weather and UV resistant, very dirt and water resistant, reduces wood swelling and shrinkage, natural wood grain is hidden, leaves a breathable finish which doesn't crack, peel or flake.

Colours Available: White | Light Ochre | Ivory | Sunflower Yellow | Nordic Red | Cedar-Redwood | Signal Red | Fir Green | Labrador Blue | Royal Blue | Dove Blue | Medium Brown | Dark Brown | Charcoal | Dusk Grey | Pebble Grey | Anthracite Grey | Light Grey | Traffic Grey 

To find out more about Osmo Country Colours and how it can benefit your exterior wood, click the link here

Osmo Garden Furniture Oil

Osmo Garden Furniture Oil protects, maintains and enhances the wood surface, producing a smooth satin finish which is water resistant and dirt repellent.

Uses: on both hardwood and softwood garden furniture

Key Features: easy to apply, exceptionally high coverage, safe for humans, animals and plants once dry, water and dirt resistant. 

Colours Available: Clear

To get started on your garden furniture refresh, click the link here

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain is ideal for all wood in outdoor areas.

Uses: doors, windows and window shutters (dimensionally stable elements), carports, timber cladding, balconies, timber decking, fences, pergolas, garden furniture and summer houses. 

Key Features: base and top coat in one finish, fast drying, natural wood grain remains visible, extremely weather and UV resistant, resistant against algae, mould, mildrew and fungal attack, reduces wood swelling and shrinkage, develops a breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake.

Colours Available: Red Cedar - 728 | Oregon Pine 731 | Walnut 707 | Larch 702 | Oak 706 | Pine 700 | Patina Grey 905 | Quartz Grey 907

To find out more about Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain, click the link here

Now you have all the information about Osmo's exterior products, it's time to make a decision on what product is right for your project. Explore more about all the listed products via their individual links to complete your decision.