Cast Iron Coat Hook Ideas

Cast Iron Coat Hook Ideas

Most of us like to keep a tidy home right? So when the children come home from school and chuck their coats on the floor or the dog lead is hanging on the door handle as there isn't a proper place for it to go, it can make your home look untidy which can be incredibly annoying!

Plus! Where are guests going to put their coats when they come round? On the banister? Over the arm of your sofa?

If these habits are beginning to annoy you then might we suggest creating a coat rack or adding some coat hooks around your home? The benefits of having a coat rack or some hooks around your home are endless! They help create a tidy home, enhance your homes decorative features and are versatile and convenient.

Some ideas for use could be...

  • Coat Rack
  • Dog Lead Hook
  • Back of Door Hook
  • Scarf Organiser
  • Belt Organiser
  • Bag Hanger
  • Utensils Organiser
  • Mug Organiser
  • Tool Shed Storage
  • Hang Your Favourite, Lightweight Planters
  • Key Organiser
  • Towel Rack

The possibilities are endless!

We have a range of coat hooks in our collection varying from brass and cast iron to polished chrome and nickel so you will be sure to find the right colour to match your interior. We also have various types of styles such as your traditional coat hook to something with a pop of colour or perhaps you might prefer a dragon fly or cat?

With plenty of ideas for use and coat hooks to choose from, Oakcrafts is the perfect place to get your home in order and begin living a clutter free, more organised life! Click the link here to begin choosing your coat hooks