Wood Trade Supplies - Osmo

Wood Trade Supplies - Osmo

For those working as a joiner, for example, you will no doubt be working with wood meaning you are always in need of a wood oil treatment which is going to not only WOW your customers but also protect the wood from various different factors to help it look nice for months to come.

Below is a quick, go to guide to point you in the right direction as to which Osmo Oil you need depending on the project you are working on. See below...

Top Oil - ideal for wooden kitchen worktops and general interior joinery. 

Osmo Door Oil - perfect for use on internal, wooden doors as well as joinery made of wood. 

Osmo Polyx Oil - Tints - designed for wooden floors and interior furniture. 

Osmo Gap Sealer - this is the only sealer that works with Osmo Oils. 

Osmo Water-Based Filler - can be used on all interior Osmo wood finishes once dry.

Osmo Decking Oil - not just for use on decking, Osmo Decking Oil is designed to protect and maintain all kinds of exterior soft and hardwoods.

Osmo Polyx Oil - designed for use on interior wooden flooring and furniture. 

Osmo UV Protection Oil - ideal for exterior, vertical structures like windows, doors, panelling, fencing and more.

Osmo Country Colours - perfect for exterior wooden surfaces like wood cladding, balconies, fences, wooden shingles, garden furniture and more.

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain - provides durable protection for all exterior wood.

Osmo Wood Protector - designed as a wax impregnation for interior (and exterior) use.

Osmo Garden Furniture Oil - designed to protect and care for Teak, Iroko, Bangkirai and other hard, soft and fine woods.

We hope you have found this go to guide helpful. For more information, why not head over to our website here