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Renaissance Wax

Renaissance™ wax polish was originally formulated in the British Museum research laboratories in the early 1950’s, in response to a discussion amongst museum technicians at an international conference on fine-art conservation.
65ml Can £14.99
200ml Can £19.99
3 Litre Can £49.95

Protect metals such as silver, brass and copper from tarnishing, on collections of all types of metals (old coins, locks and keys, arms and armour both original and replica), on both the wood and metal surfaces of vintage cars and musical instruments, on bronze sculptures inside the home and outside exposed to the elements, on marble and granite worktops to prevent staining and on smooth leather items.


A gently abrasive paste for non-scratch cleaning of metals and many sensitive fine-art surfaces. Pre-lim is widely used in the professional restoration of arms and amour, sculpture, brass and copper exhibition cookware, ceramics and automobile paintwork.
65ml Can £12.95
200ml Can £19.95

Formulation is based on blended Neuburg silica chalks in a water/white spirit emulsion. In normal use the product is not a health hazard. Pre-lim’s cleaning/burnishing action is achieved with extremely fine control using a soft rag and light pressure. After a few minutes of air-drying, the residual chalky deposit is easily rubbed away with a clean rag, leaving surfaces dry and silk-smooth.

Renaissance™ Metal De-Corroder

Safe, Non-toxic System for Rust Removal with Full Control Treatment selectively ruptures the bond between base metal and corrosion layer, reducing rust to a sludge which is easily wiped or brushed away. Clean-water rinse stops the process.
100ml Bottle (Trial Size) £14.99
250ml Bottle £19.95
1 Litre Bottle £25.95

Treatment is most effective at temperatures between 10ºC and 20ºC. Loose rust or scale should be wire-brushed and surfaces de-greased to allow optimum performance. Immersed objects will be clear of light corrosion in as little as two minutes. During longer immersion for heavier rusting, periodic checks can be made by rubbing the object with a finger. Brushing speeds the process.

Vulpex™ Liquid Soap

Non-acid … non-foaming … non-corrosive … germicidal. Vulpex liquid soap is a safe cleaner for practically everything from paper to stone. Since its introduction in 1970, its extraordinary versatility has made Vulpex a popular and indispensable medium in all branches of professional restoration and conservation of fine art objects and historic property.
100ml Bottle (Trial Size) £17.95
250ml Bottle £25.95
1 Litre Bottle £49.95

Vulpex attacks and emulsifies dirt, fats, fatty oils, mineral oils, waxes and hydrocarbons with great speed and efficiency. The dirty emulsions are remarkably stable, thus easily disposable. Micro-fine cracks harbouring dirt are subject to a deep-cleansing action rarely achieved with normal commercial cleaners.

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