Top 5 Fixtures to Create an Industrial Decor in Your Home

Top 5 Fixtures to Create an Industrial Decor in Your Home

Always wanted to give the industrial decor look a go but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you are holding off making any home improvements as you are concerned you'll go over budget?

Luckily, we can help with both of these concerns! Here at Oakcrafts we aim to provide inspiration on how to use our products as well as keep the price of our products moderate, particularly during these difficult times for us all.

Therefore, we have provided below 5, cost effective fixtures that you can add to your existing decor which will help create a more industrial vibe within your home.

Without further ado, let's get into the first fixture!

Shelf Brackets

The majority of homes no doubt have at least one shelf in their home. To create the industrial look, a wooden shelf will usually work better with a pair of black, cast iron shelf brackets. You can pick up scrap bits of wood from local hardware stores for a good price! Then all that's left to do is add the black shelf brackets for the ultimate industrial vibe.

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Coat Hooks

Similar to the shelf brackets, using a scrap or rustic bit of wood and drilling a couple of holes in it for the coat hooks will help create the industrial look. We would recommend going for black coat hooks that are fairly traditional to create the look

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Door Signs

Should you not wish to change too much in your home than adding a couple of cast iron wall and door signs will do the job in creating an industrial look. They are also a little quirky and would make a good talking point in your home.

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Drawer Handles

Again, black fixtures against wooden hardware such as a chest of drawers would look fantastic and definitely replicate the industrial look. Alternatively, if you have a coloured cabinet or chest of drawers, you could paint it a teal blue for example to show off the black fixtures

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Handrail Brackets

For those of you who have a handrail in your home, simply change your existing handrail bracket to a black one to complete the industrial look. Doing this will help bring the whole look together and enhance the efforts you have already made in creating the industrial look. 

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We would be keen to know in the comments what your go to products are for creating an industrial look within your home