Sustainable Wooden Christmas Crafts for 2022

Sustainable Wooden Christmas Crafts for 2022

Christmas will soon come round so why not get prepared now by creating your very own sustainable, wooden Christmas decorations for 2022.

Sustainability is a massive topic that everyone should be conscious about so finding ways in which you can not only be more sustainable but also reuse decorations year on year is super important. Whether you are getting creative and making your own Christmas gifts this year or are looking for ways in which you can decorate your home in a more sustainable way, we have just the sustainable craft projects for you!

Wooden Christmas Decorations

Instead of baubles on the tree, why not create your very own Christmas decorations from our range of plywood boards?

Available in a range of different thicknesses, our birch, plywood boards are A graded with no significant knots, an even colour and smooth surface making them perfect for painting, laser cutting or sketching out your design through pyrography

The perfect Christmas gift idea or a new way to decorate your tree

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Paper Decorations

Unfortunately we can't provide the paper for your paper decorations but we can provide the wooden dowel that they will hang from!

Paper decorations are a fantastic way to get the children creative and doing their own origami. Once your designs have been complete, simply hang with some string from the wooden dowel and see your creations come to life in your very own home!

Whether you want your Christmas paper decorations to go on for miles or you want to make a miniature version, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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Sustainable Christmas Tree

As well as your usual Christmas tree or instead of, why not create your very own wooden Christmas tree? Perfect for displaying in the centre of the table or on a side board.

To create, use a variety of wood in different thicknesses and length (our basswood blocks would be good for this) and stack on top of each other creating a tree like structure (you might need to use some glue to make them stable).

Once your Christmas tree has been built, you could then decorate with fairy lights, pine cones and other winter features to bring the whole look together.

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Individual Stockings Rack

You can't have Christmas without having a stocking!! Often stockings can be hung from the mantle piece in your home so it makes it easy for Santa to put your presents inside when he delivers. However, for some homeowners, they may not have a mantle piece that they can use. So why not make your own!

We have a variety of shaker pegs to choose from that can be painted, varnished or stained to create your desired look. Simply choose your desired shaker pegs, drill your holes on your strip of wood and ta-dah, you have your very own stocking rack (similar to a coat rack)

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Personalised Pyrography Picture

Struggling to know what to get that special someone? You know, the person who has everything and is so difficult to buy for?! Why not make them something sentimental and something they can keep?

With our plywood and MDF boards, you have a blank surface that you can use to your advantage by creating any picture or design you want!

Once complete, you could frame your picture to make it extra special!

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We hope you have found this blog post helpful! If you decide to make any of the above Christmas crafts, we would love to know how you get on and would be delighted to see any pictures!

Happy Crafting!