Small Ways to Refresh Your Home for 2023

Small Ways to Refresh Your Home for 2023

2023 is just round the corner meaning there is little time to completely redesign your interior and go for a whole new look however, there are small yet effective ways in which you can refresh your interior without all the hard work and cost.

Why not take a look at the 5 simple ways we have listed below so you can not only get a head start and keep yourself occupied during the Christmas and New Year break but also go into the New Year with a fresh space to enjoy!

Shelf Brackets:

Simple changing your existing shelf brackets to a new pair can help refresh your interior, especially if the brackets are a different colour or design. You could even change your shelf brackets seasonally and keep rotating them to continue freshening up the look.

With decorative brackets to ones with place names and industrial features, you will be sure to find the the shelf brackets of your dreams!

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Door Signs:

Why not take the New Year as an opportunity to be a little bit more creative with your interior decor. You could use our door signs as there main purpose, on a door, or you could attach them to your wall or hang some string through them as move them around your home. The possibilities are endless!

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Coat Hooks:

Similar to the shelf brackets, you could switch up the interior of your home with different coat hooks. Choose from coloured tips, dragon flys or your traditional design.

Simple to install and easy to swap around throughout the year.

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Drawer Handles:

Perhaps one you haven't thought of before but changing up your drawer handles can be another cost effective way to switch up your interior, especially if you go for something a little bit different such as our cast iron embossed handles.

We also have a range of different metals that also come in cabin hooks and coat hooks meaning you could even create a hardware colour theme throughout your home. 

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Cabinet Knobs:

Similar to drawer handles, we also have a range of different cabinet knobs available to choose from. Whether you fancy something a little more decorative or would like to match your cabinet knobs to your drawer handles, we have all the cabinet knobs you need to refresh your interior!

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We hope this blog post has provided you with some inspiration on how you can refresh your home for 2023. Leave a comment below letting us know how you are decorating your home for 2023.