Osmo Accessories You Need

Osmo Accessories You Need

Whether you have used Osmo before or you are completely new to the brand, these two accessories will be a life saver for your wooden surfaces and structures!

Picture this, you have laid your new wooden floor, a couple of years go by and you start to see cracks and gaps in between the slats. Frustrating right? You're now thinking you're going to have to buy a brand new floor and spend even more money!

Or...what if there was a product that could fill these cracks and gaps in for you so you not only get the look of a brand new floor but you also aren't spending a fortune paying for a brand new one!

Introducing Osmo Gap Seller and Osmo Water Based Wood Filler, staples you can rely on time and time again!

Osmo Gap Sealer comes in 8 colours and is the only sealer that works with Osmo. It works to permanently repel water after curing and is resistant to air conditions meaning it stays elastic which results in no more shrinking! 

Similar to Osmo Gap Sealer, Osmo Water Based Wood Filler works to prevent shrinkage and fall out, is quick drying and is only practical for interior use. It also works great on ceilings if you have a certain project that relies on this.

Overall, these are two accessories that work fantastic with Osmo Oils and help protect and maintain your wooden floorings and projects.

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