Gift Guide for Home Decor Lovers

Gift Guide for Home Decor Lovers

We all have that one friend or family member who loves to decorate and style their home in new and exciting ways but is tricky to buy for. They have too many candles, they have matching crockery, you don't want to get soft furnishings incase they don't match the rest of their home so what could you possibly get them?

If you have got to this point where you are stumped for ideas and looking for some inspiration, luckily we have a range of home decor products that might suit what you're looking for. See below...

Shelf Brackets

They can be used to hang lightweight plants or objects from or they can help support scaffold boards shelves and display sentimental objects on. 

We have a range of different styles of shelf brackets such as: Victorian, Gallows, Decorative and Industrial. Whether you are looking for pretty bird and floral brackets or brackets that have a place special to their heart on such as Sheffield, Piccadilly, Covent Garden etc.

Explore our range of shelf brackets here

Coat Hooks

Giving the gift of organisation to a home decor lover could be a good approaching this year. Coat hooks are the perfect product to help organise your home and keep things looking tidy. Ideas for use could be: hanging coats, create a seasonal essentials section e.g. for winter, it could be scarves, hats, ear muffs, coats etc, hanging robes for a relaxing pamper night etc

From decorative ceramic coat hooks to dragonfly and cat hooks, there are a range of different coat hooks to choose from.

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Door Signs

If you have an organised friend or family who also loves their home decor then this gift is perfect for them! We have a variety of different door signs from bedroom and guest room to pantry and bar. Door signs are great for adding some character and organisation to a home.

Click the link here to explore the different sayings on our website

Bottle Openers

From soft drinks to something a little bit stronger, bottle openers are a great gift idea for everyone and anyone! They could be placed in your at home bar or in the kitchen, no matter where you place your bottle opener and however you choose to use it, a bottle opener will be well received we're sure!

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Happy shopping!