Christmas Gift Guide for Craft Lovers

Christmas Gift Guide for Craft Lovers

Whether you know someone who loves crafts or you are looking for inspiration yourself, we have the perfect gift guide just for you!

Let us share our top 6 product picks that will make craft lovers jump for joy when they open their gift from you...

Shaker Pegs

Available as a screw in version as well as normal, our shaker pegs are perfect for creating a variety of woodworking and craft projects. Some ideas could include: a coat rack, bag hooks, key hooks, dog lead hooks etc. These pegs can also be painted, waxed or varnished to suit the recipients interior.

With endless possibilities, you can't go wrong with purchasing some shaker pegs this Christmas. Click here to shop our full range.

Wooden Plugs

If you have someone who is a joiner or just loves woodworking then purchasing a supply of mushroom, cross grain or end grain plugs would be well received. They are super handy pieces to have and cover up screw heads to create a flush finish to any project.

Click the link here to explore our full range.

Wooden Dowels

Again, if you're into your crafts, wooden dowels would be an incredibly useful product to have! The dowels are premium quality and have a smooth, sanded finish meaning little labour is needed to create a beautiful finish. Whether your keen crafter creates mini tables and chairs or enjoys making wooden trees, you will be sure to find a creative use for these!

Shop our dowel collection here

Basswood Blocks

Basswood is an incredibly handy material to have for any crafters. It is a soft, fine and even textured material which is not only perfect for wood carving, making models and whittling but it is also smooth enough to draw, paint or write on. 

Why not see what all the fuss is about by clicking here

MDF Boards

Our high quality MDF boards are ideal for a range of craft projects including laser cutting, pyrography, model making or painting. We did a blog post not so long ago where we shared some ideas on how you could use MDF for different craft projects here

Inspired by how versatile these boards can be? Click here to shop

Plywood Boards

Know of any pyrographers? If so, these plywood boards are the perfect gift for them this Christmas. A-A grade with no significant knots, an even colour and no cutouts or plugs, they are perfect for both pyrographers and laser cutting.

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So there you have it! That's everything we would recommend should you be buying for somebody who loves their arts and crafts this Christmas! We hope you found this useful :) Happy shopping!