3 Ways to Refresh Your Home Ready for Summer

3 Ways to Refresh Your Home Ready for Summer

Did you miss the boat to do a spring clean? Could your home do with a freshen up to pull it out of the winter blues?

If the answer is yes, then you're not alone! Around 8% of people in a recent survey, conducted by American Cleaning Institute in 2022, reported their household doesn't partake in a spring clean.

Life can get in the way and prevent us from having that well needed spring tidy but don't worry as a new season is on it's way making it the perfect opportunity to refresh your home! 

So what if we told you that there are some products that could save you time throughout the year therefore preventing you from having to do one major refresh?

Would you be interested?

Summer is soon to begin so now is the perfect opportunity to take on board some of these ways to refresh your home so you can go into the new season with a refreshed home.

Here are just some of the products that will positively benefit not just the appearance of your house but save you some time as you spread them across the year.

Osmo Decking Oil

A premium grade, solvent-based oil which is perfect for all softwood and hardwood decking. Osmo Decking Oil contains UV filters which protects the colour for longer. It also enhances the natural character of the wood which provides excellent weather and dirt resistance.

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Shaker Pegs

Birch Screw In Shaker Pegs are an easy way of making a stylish coat rack, particularly for those that aren't so keen on DIY. Once you have a coat rack installed you will save time as you have a dedicated place for your coats and outdoor wear. Coat racks are handy for visitors too! Simply drill in a small pilot hole and screw the shaker peg into the hole. The shaker pegs can be easily stained, varnished or painted to match your colour theme. 

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UV Protection

If you have a garden shed or wood that is outside, then you need this product and here's why! Osmo UV Protection has a microporous, penetrating finish which does not crack, peel or flake. The product also delays natural greying 12 x better than bare wood. A fantastic product to uplift your garden ready for those BBQ's!

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